Various Types Of Services Offered By A Professional Locksmith Company In Dublin

As one of the most prominent and reputable locksmith company’s in Dublin we offer various kinds of locksmith services to both domestic and commercial customers. Our locksmiths throughout Dublin cannot only help to secure your home and business from unauthorized access or possible brake in’s but also assist with the upgrading of all aspects of security.

The most common service we provide our locksmiths provide would be a lock out situation or a possible lock change. Additional services include window locks, security locks, door viewers, multi point locks for windows and doors, safes supplier and fitted. We also have a team of car locksmiths who can assist when you have locked the keys in the car or van or when you may have lost your car keys. Our dedicated team can assist you via the roadside with out the need for you to be left standard.

A day in the life of a locksmith in Dublin can be an existing one. On one hand you could find yourself on a call out to open a door and then to find there is a domestic dispute between two parties. On the other hand you could call out to a property where the owner has not being seen for days or weeks and then to find the unfortunate event of that person having passed away. Another typical case may be where a cat or dog may be locked in a car or home and the owner is panicking. While a day of a locksmith can be rewarding there are days where it can be difficult to deal with some chain of events that you may face.

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All locksmiths in Dublin and throughout Ireland now require licensed locksmiths through the Private Security Authority ( By obtaining a license it allow the company or person provide various locksmiths services. Even simply jobs like changing a lock is now licensable. Not all locksmith offer emergency locksmith services but it would be part and parcel of the general part of running a locksmith business in Dublin.

Loosing your car keys or braking your car key in the door is not so complicated for a car locksmith, some years ago this would have proven to be a specialist service but not so much in recent years.

It would be not unusual for a locksmith company to offer a commercial locksmith service. Cutting large amounts of keys or calling to the property to repair a door closer or simply removing a broking key form a door would be a regular occurrence provided on a daily basis.

Installing the correct type of lock to a property as that in which is the requirement of an insurance company would have not being so much in the past, however in todays times it is a requirement that the locksmith knows all the required information including fire regulations.

Todays locking systems have become more high-tech and more secure which can sometimes relate to making them more difficult to getting them open when they jam up. High quality locking systems at schools, restaurants, pubs, business and offices have also become secure. While a locksmith can be busy with locks there is also a need to provide other services in order to run a business effectively, intercoms, CCTV and electronic locks can play a big part of any business.

Intercoms allow a customer press a button while the can then here the noise pick up a handset and then release a door. CCTV allows the owner of a business or home both see and record at all time that may visit the home or business. Both of which may also help to prevent entry of unauthorized persons to the premises and also helps secures the property and valuables stocked there from burglary and vandalism attempts.

Locksmiths 365 is one of the well know reputable and trusted locksmith company’s in Dublin which provide customers high quality, efficient and affordable home, commercial and general locksmiths services and auto locksmith services on a 24 hours x 7 days basis. We have skilled and licensed locksmiths that can reach a customer’s home or business in a very quick time. We dispatch a locksmith normally within ten minutes of receiving a call to our office. We have expertise in repairing and replacing keys and installing new locks in both cars and homes. We can also install high security systems like CCTV, digital recorders and safes to residences and business premises in order to secure your property and valuables from unauthorized access and unexpected accidents.

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