Residential locks discover that it is necessary to replace it occasionally–for various purposes. Here is a Dublin Locksmiths list of the most frequent reasons for changing locks, as prepared by Locksmiths 365’s lock change specialists here.


Many locks can deteriorate exponentially as time passes. Rust and metal degradation can make working locks totally inefficient beforehand. Make sure to inspect locks for proof of wear or harm to substitute locks –including any rusty metal, or if you have trouble placing your key inside the lock. Not only do worn locks constitute a safety hazard to your family, it can also lock you out of your house


It is essential to remember precisely who has your house’s spare keys, whether or not you have them. Keep track of whoever has them and whether they are still doing so. If you discover the keys that friends have to hold on to or repair individuals when you are not home, choose to alter your locks–just to be secure. You can’t placed a cost on your household safety.

Even if your real estate agent, landlord or prior home owner provides you their private keys, it’s fairly clever to have the locks altered anyhow. The hustlers can be more crafty than you believe –they can steal their keys for simple entry into renowned landlords or realtors’ homes or offices.

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Although you were in a good place when you moved out with your co-workers, it’s always wise to change your locks when you move out. There is no way to know if they gave a friend their spare key or if they created unlawful copies. Trust us, we heard of nightmare cases when former roommates used ancient homes as shower pads in the middle of the afternoon, when they got to it. Nobody needs that. Nobody wants that.

If you or your child has mixed up your keys, this is good for peace of mind. This is good for peace of mind. You don’t know where your keys went; it only makes it simpler to understand that if you changed your locks, you’re secure. Even if you finally find any keys you lost, there’s no way to know if someone’s copied them clandestinely without your consent or understanding.


These situations involve discrepancies regarding ownership or access to the house. Although it may seem like a drastic move to change locks, it can provide complete peace or closure if you cannot peacefully stay with your partner.

This may be surprising but it is not unusual for burglars to return to the crime scene and steal the same property. Think about it this way –they already know the design and perhaps they looked at some valuable items they did not have the opportunity to pick up the first time. Don’t let this opportunity come to fruition.

Even if no such situation is the case, it’s wise to update them anyway if you can’t remember when your locks were last changed. This can be very good–particularly if you have old locks, because more modern mechanisms are much better suited for today’s break-in technology,

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