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When to Call a Locksmith in Dublin?

Locksmith Warranty

The all-important aspects of locks and security will involve a normal locksmith expert. From your house locks to the commercial premises to your car locks. A sluggard is going to help you out! So, when should you call a locksmith from Dublin?

Installing or changing new locks

Whether at home or at the office, quality locks are important to ensure the business is safe. Installing your own locks could lead to certain problems in the future. The lock experts should also install car locks.

It is time to change the locks on a house or other premises. Whether you have been moving to a new house or you are old and defective, it can be a task to change the locks. The professionals are best left.

This ensures that the installed locks are of high quality and work without problems in the future. A good locksmith if you normally even give you discounts for the maintenance of the locks in Dublin.

Key cutting

Key cutting You lost your keys?  Then you have to cut new ones and you can only do it with a locksmith. When you need to make replacement keys, a locksmith is the best person to speak to.

Unlocking a safe

Especially when you do not open a safe often, it is not unusual to forget the combination of opening the safe. If this happens and you need to access the valuables stored within call a safes specialist locksmith.

They help you to access quickly and without the integrity of the safe lock being destroyed. You will also be helped to reset the combination.

Locked in or out of a car or room

Being locked out in or out of a car or room can be, to say the least, very frustrating. Perhaps you are late and have to work, but your car door is jammed. Maybe in the middle of the night you just got home, the front door doesn’t open and you haven’t the back door key.

This situation is considered an emergency by the locksmiths. You can call them at any time and they will help you to have immediate access to them.

You may have difficulty selecting the lock and may even fail. If you live in that area, calling a reliable Dublin locksmith ensures that the door will be opened and the lock fixed in a matter of minutes, so that the problem will not recur in future.

Fire problems are another situation that locksmiths consider an emergency. Sometimes you put your key in the ignition and the car just doesn’t start. To solve this, call a locksmith who is specialized in the automotive industry and helps you to do the important job.

Beyond The Locks

Today, the Dublin locksmiths go beyond the locks and keys. They take part in all things that guarantee home or office safety, including installation and maintenance of biometric security systems, installation of surveillance cameras and many more.

When people look beyond locks to keep them safe, the locksmith industry evolves and offers diverse solutions for all customers. A locksmith will help you in all matters relating to safety.

Today, call Locksmiths 365 on 1800 989 365

Emergency Locksmith Service

Competent And Trustworthy Locksmith Company

Can you imagine you need an emergency locksmith in a crowded area like Dublin? Wouldn’t it be true? At this stage the services of a skilled locksmith come into play!

Importance of emergency locksmith.

Most of us are likely to see for the first time the word locksmith. We probably do not know the existence of this profession whose purpose is to support us. Professional locksmiths are however an significant component of our community, ensuring that things go smoothly. So when and under what conditions are we likely to need a locksmith’s services?

5 star locksmith dublin

locksmith dublin

Think about being locked out of your home when you return from a late evening party! Or even forget your car keys with a child trapped inside the car. In such circumstances, the wise individual would most probably avoid archaic access methods like breaking the car window or locking the gate. Instead, look for professional emergency locksmith facilities.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith

We give 24/7 locksmith emergency services throughout the year as a business. We usually rescue our customers from their vehicles, homes, offices. We also give state-of – the-art safety alternatives and their respective maintenance.

With just one call, our locksmiths will promptly offer you the help you need in your place. Our great lockers are sent to your location immediately, depending on the complexity of your lock problem. They not only ensure that they help resolve your locking problem, but also do so without damaging your vehicle, lock or any of your property. To be on a more protected side, ensure that your local Dublin locksmiths, Locksmiths 365, have constant contact number 1800 989 365. You never understand when your services are going to be required.

Extensive Experience In The Industry

With our comprehensive experience in the locksmith sector over 17 years, we guarantee quick and uncompromising lock fitting, repair and replacement services. We are proud of our highly experienced locksmiths to address your specific problem effectively and efficiently.

We have the most amazing reaction time in the sector and can reach your particular place by an average of 30-45 minutes. Our locksmiths come to your site with an extensive toolbox. This guarantees that we finish all tasks you assign us to perform in time without having to return to look for other instruments. In that way, we make sure that we put a smile on your face with access to your once denied access vehicle or property.

Our many years of experience certainly distinguish our local locksmith team in Dublin. Until now, we have successfully solved a large number of lock problems tremendously well. In addition, Locksmiths 365 provides competitive prices for all our services. We can assist locks things!


We specialize in lockouts for vehicles and properties. We offer dedicated locksmith services covering all aspects of home, business and automotive solutions. Our emergency locksmith team can provide you with a quick and reliable service regardless of the particular type of lockout to which you are confronted.

You can immediately sleep in a nice night, knowing that your car, home or office is safe by employing our specialist locksmith service quickly. Remember, with good security you can significantly reduce possible incidents of theft and bodily harm!

You have a personal guarantee from Frank that you usually receive exceptional service and the most competitive rate.

Contact direct lockers for a precise fast upfront cost. Get a FREE Upfront Quote With No Hidden Fees–When calling 1800 989 365 immediately.

How Locksmiths can prevent Burglaries in Dublin

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Anti Snap Locks Fitting in Dublin

Burglars have found out how to snap the locks in uPVC doors that are in 90% of homes in Dublin, and once the outside of the cylinder is snapped, they are in. It is the most common way of burglars entering the home and only takes 20 seconds.

To combat this locks have been designed to withstand this type of attack ensuring the safety of the door. Locksmiths 365 can supply and fit a anti snap / anti-bump / anti-pick lock to your door.

Anti snap locks differ from standard locks in that part of the cylinder breaks away when attacked, preventing the cylinder from being snapped! If the key section is snapped the lock then jams stopping access to the doors mechanism.

Our choice of Snap Safe / Anti snap cylinders are manufactured by Yale and ABS, these cylinders are Anti-snap, Snap-safe and Snap-Secure! Talk to us about getting your home fitted with Anti Snap Locks.

Anti Snap Locks Fitting Rating: 10 out of 10 from 43 client reviews.

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