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If you accidentally lock yourself out of your home, business, or vehicle, having access to a reliable locksmith dublin can make a difference. They can get you back inside in no time by using their tools and skills.

However, in addition to these types of emergency services, locksmiths also offer a number of other services. They will assist in selecting and installing locks for your home or business. They can also cut keys for your existing locks, enabling you to use spare keys as you see fit. In many cases, by providing locks for your windows or other access points, they can also help secure your property.

It’s critical to hire the right locksmith. You need to find a trustworthy, reliable, and highly skilled person. Here are some tips that you can trust to find a local locksmith:

1. Before you need one, research local locksmiths Dublin.

Be proactive in finding a good locksmith instead of waiting for you to be locked out of your house or face some other emergency. To find out which ones have the highest ratings, spend time researching locksmiths in your area. Choose a locksmith you want based on your research and add your contact information to your mobile so that when you need it, you will have it with you.

2. Only work with properly licensed locksmith Dublin.

Ask for proof that they are licensed before hiring a locksmith. This can allow you to stop scammers or unscrupulous people who are just out to benefit from you.

3. Choose a local address locksmith Dublin.

In most cases, hiring a locksmith who has a physical presence in your area is your best bet. Only legitimate businesses are taking the time to rent office space. You can reduce the chances of getting scammed by making sure that the locksmith you employ has a well-established office in your city or town.

4. Ask for identification at all times.

Be sure to ask for identification when they appear after you contact the locksmith. Also, be careful about the vehicle they drive. Ideally, they’re going to be in a company truck or van that clearly prints the company name on the side. This helps to further prove the legitimacy of the business.

5. Make sure that the locksmith is prepared to give you a written invoice.

You’re going to have evidence of how much money you’ve paid. Make sure the invoice contains the company’s name and contact details. In addition, the cost of the parts and service should be specified so that you know exactly how much you paid for each.

Important Links: Locksmiths Wiki, Locksmiths Association.

These tips should help you find a trustworthy local locksmith. Definitely worth the time you put in finding a good locksmith. Before you need one, your best option is to be proactive in researching locksmiths in your area. Therefore, you will already have a reliable locksmith’s contact information that you can reach out instantly if the need arises.

Locksmith Dublin Tips and Tricks

ON NEW HOMES. Every time you buy, rekey or change your keys to a new house. The former owner may have additional keys copies or may have given spare keys to friends, family members, associates, or even contractors. If you don’t want strangers to enter your house, change your locks (the more complicated method) or reset your locks (which is faster and cheaper). Check this previous blog post for more information on replacing / reclaiming your house keys.

ON DEADBOLTS. Install a deadbolt lock, but make sure it is installed correctly. Many contractors don’t know the right way to install locks, so call a locksmith to get the best results.

ON WINDOWS AND LOCKS. Realize that if there’s a windows near your deadboard door, the perpetrator will easily break your window and open the deadboard. To prevent this simple error, use a double cylinder lock instead of a key. And don’t just put the pin in the lock.

ON HIRING. Want to hire a new locksmith? Take the time. Take the time. There are many “locksmiths” who charge you far more than they say, far more than the service is worth. You need to find someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced, so don’t call the first name you can see in the yellow pages. Using our tips to find a trustworthy locksmith.

ON STURDY DOORS. Use solid solid solid wood or stainless steel doors. If the door is made of a weak, flimsy or hollow material, it can easily be thrown in or broken. A large lock requires a large screen.

NEVER Remove your pillow door pin! Would you think all of you are the first person who thought about this hiding place? If a criminal tries to get to his home, he or she usually looks for areas that are visible at 10 metres. All that hiding places consist of doormats, bottles, mailboxes, rocks and fake stones. Choose from the unusual door about 15-20 meters away. Or better yet, give your spare key to a friend or loyal neighbor!
I hope these locksmith tips and tricks will come in handy. Chat with any new owners you meet, your friends and your loved ones.

How to Improve Your Front Door Security – Locksmith Dublin Advice

Disclaimer; your doors can’t be 100% burglar proof. We also developed a guide to deter, dissuade and keep possible burglars out of your property protected by a locksmith dublin expert.

A break in can be traumatic; an unknown individual who enters your house, even after locks are changed, can make you feel vulnerable. Keytek ® has put together some tips to improve the security of your front door and help prevent potential thieves.

1. Simple but effective update of your keys. Making sure your locks are not broken, rusty or old is an easy way to increase the safety of your front door. If you think your locks need to change or upgrade, you can call a professional locksmith to make sure that the jobs are done correctly.

Whether you have a wooden or UPVC gate, make sure you use’ Irish Standard ‘ locks, so you can guarantee that the locks that you use are rigorously tested to be safe. Anti-Snap or high-security locks are also available on UPVC doors. These may be more expensive, but if it stops a burglar from getting home, the additional cost may be worth it.

It is also important to check with your insurer that all your locks comply with insurance. If you have a break and find that you have incorrect keys, you may not be able to claim them.

2. You must be sure that an intruder can not kick through your door, especially if it is wooden. Check the strength of your door and its frame. You can have the best lock on earth, but if an intruder can force his foot through your door, it is unnecessary. You can strengthen your wooden door by inserting a metal plate attached with extra-long torches boiled into the grips on each side of the doorway. You can obtain strike plates or order them online from most DIY shops. If you are not sure whether to install it yourself, then your best approach is to employ a professional locksmith’s services.

The door frame is another component of the security of the front entrance. The first thing is to ensure that the walls around it are securely screwed or bolted. When attaching different plates, the locking points and hinges can be made more durable. You can also test hinge bolts; they are designed to avoid forcing the door off its hinges.

3. Consider Windowless Doors While a door is fitted with windows that makes more light and is esthetically appealing, it poses a safety risk. If the window in your door is near the lock, a burglar might easily break the window and unlock the door. If you don’t want to get rid of the windows in your house, some security measures need to be installed. Make sure that the glass is strengthened and not broken easily. Another is to add decorative bars or steel barriers, which will keep the burglar from shattering all together, whether they crack the glass or potentially prevent it.

4. Any door is only as good as its handle, so you need to make sure you get the best one possible. You must make sure your lock stretches to the door frame deep enough to withstand kicking or other forced entry. Your bolt should be at least 2.5 centimeters in diameter. You don’t need the most costly deadbolt, but perhaps it’s worth the cheapest. The difference between a good break in and a loss could be to invest a little more.

5. Extra measures Even if your door has all the above, you can still do additional things. The installation of a door chain is one; it protects when you are at home. This could stop a possible burglar coming in at night when you sleep with your friends. You should add a letterbox guard to avoid a break in technique called’ fishing.’ It prevents a criminal from slipping a long wire into the letter box and hooking the keys if they are placed next to the entrance. Another way to improve the safety of your front door is to install a light that points at the front door. This not only helps you in dark winter days, it also sheds light on any suspicious activity. Burglars love the cover of darkness, so that the great bright light in their faces can frighten them. It’s worth installing a security camera at your front door, real or fake, so that a possible burglar can be stopped. If you can see a camera pointing at you, you will not fear break in and you will doubtfully spend your time trying to find out if this is true or false.

As we said at the beginning, 100 percent can not be assured that anything will avoid a certain burglar. However, if you take effective steps, such as those above, you will give your door security a good chance of a failure. Keytek ® is committed to ensuring your home is secure, check out our other home security sites.


Locksmith Career Guide

We get a lot of questions here at the Master Locksmiths Association about people who want to know how to become a locksmith, some who have just left school or the military, some who are looking for a career change.

Below are tips to help you as a potential locksmith in your career, from what qualifications are required, training provider advice, hours you can work on what you put in a business plan for a future locksmith.

Locksmiths Dublin

From Visually.

1. Locksmith Qualifications

We are currently working with the professional awarding body ABBE (Awarding Body for the Built Environment) to establish an Ofqual governed nationally recognized certification.

Watch for more information on this vacuum.

For more information on the topic of qualifying for locksmiths, please see our certification section for locksmiths.

What if I go to the MLA for a course? –We provide a certificate of participation to all students in our courses.

1. Skills & Interests

Going the self-employed route: you’re going to need business skills in addition to locksmithing skills like sales, accounting, general business knowledge, if you’ve never run your own business before.

Working for an existing locksmith company: you will only need to focus on your abilities as a locksmith (mechanical engineering, carpentry, human skills, etc.) Find out what qualifications you need to be a locksmith here our page contains tips from selling locksmiths.

3. Do your homework, important questions to ask

Where are you going to work?
How’s the area?
Is there already a lot of Locksmiths in your area?
Expert tip: do a Google search, look at the reviews of your potential competitor. Are there any competitive gaps?
Expert Tip: Lives in your field a Healthy specialist? What suits in your area with Safety Grilles and Gates?
What kind of locksmith work is needed in the area?
Expert Tip: Is there common lock snapping where you live?

4. Training Is required

You will need to think about learning in order to become a locksmith as various courses are available.

Would you like to take a locksmith course or take a locksmithing apprenticeship? Know that the trailblazer apprenticeship scheme of the government came to an end in 2016.

The type of training you do depends on the type of services you would like to provide–see tip #5 below.

Think about taking intermediate and advanced classes in fields such as lock opening, furniture locks and dealing with aluminum doors once you’ve been trading as a locksmith.

5. Products to be offered as a locksmith

Think about what locksmith products you want to provide (and more specifically what kind of services customers require): are you going to do vehicles (auto locksmith)?
Secure Safes (secure technicians)?
Commercial (control of entry, alarms, etc.)?
What facilities do your customers want in your area (24 emergency lockouts, security upgrades)?
Find and conquer the niche!

6. Start a business plan

With all the begin-up costs including: training required Equipment such as locksmith equipment (letterbox tool, pick-up kit, drill, pick-up gun, key extractor etc.) Van (and related vehicle costs) Advertising and marketing (offline and online) Separate telephone line set-up (especially if 24 hours) Website costs such as annual domain hosting, website address purchase, ht.
SEO costs–and your website ranks high on Google–we rank high as a MLA Approved Company!
Social media advertising–get your business noticed on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram insurance & business rates Required stock–locks, key blanks Don’t underestimate these costs!

7. Days you should work

A lot of locksmiths are providing 24-hour emergency service, how does it fit in with family life? Is that something you’d like to bid.

Are there many emergency locksmiths in your area? Many locksmiths provide a 24-hour emergency service?
Is there any healthy experts in your field to open up?
What about your area’s auto locksmiths? In fact, 24 hours?

8. Locksmith Training

Providers Do your research on the Locksmith training provider while there’s plenty of good quality training available there’s plenty of poor training out there as well.

Tell current locksmiths who have completed their training course and what the course was like.

9. Never Stop

Learning You never forget to stop learning with new products, evolving expectations, etc.

You will always have to stay up to speed and refresh your awareness at MLA Provincial Meetings. MLA leaders do this, for example, by attending national meetings on a regular basis.

Make sure you read our locksmith vocabulary guide that tells everything about the names of different parts of the lock.

There is also the largest MLA Expo in Europe, more than 70 training classes and seminars will be held over the weekend, some of which are FREE.

10. That’s right.

Don’t Believe the Hype Don’t believe the hype spread by some education organizations that market locksmithing as a’ get rich fast profession’ –short courses won’t automatically result in a 60 K job a year as a locksmith.

Companies selling locksmith tools as part of their training: be cautious of companies selling locksmith tools as an add-on to their training courses, this is where companies can make a big profit.

Additionally, the resources you need will depend on the type of work you end up doing and the region you are focused on to some extent.

At the MLA, we are not selling any locksmith equipment on our own, but we can highlight the kind of tools you need and point you to reputable companies in the industry to purchase them from.

BONUS TIP: Join the Ireland’s Largest Locksmith Association If you want to become a Locksmith you’re going to have the chance to join the MLA, it’s going to bring other advantages.

Private membership–Different options based on how long you have been in the business.

Approved membership of the company–Use on your website the converted MLA logo, promotional materials and even your van.


22 Secrets a Dublin Locksmith Won’t Tell You

1. Most locksmiths are scam artists in the phone book, or online. They’re going to quote you a great price, but when they get there they’re going to say you’ve got a special lock they can’t pick, so they’re going to have to drill it open. They then bill you 120 euro for a new lock that you can buy for 25 euro at a depot.

2. Find someone credible on www.locksmiths365.ie, the Associated Locksmiths of Ireland’s official website.

3. When it is 2 a.m. And some guy is calling me because he’s locked in a strip club from his car, a service call that’s usually 50 euro is automatically 100 euro. If he has money for strip clubs, then he has money for me. 4. The cheapo locks from big-box stores are easy to defeat. Most are mass-produced but to very low standards by renowned manufacturers. Look for a grade 2 minimum.

5. The safest lock is a dead bolt, which is mounted properly. It should have at least one-inch “throw,” and there should be a security plate on the “strike side” with at least three inches long screws that go all the way into the wood frame of the door.

6. If you have a window on or near your house, a dead thumb-turning bolt isn’t going to do much good. They knock the glass out, hang a hand in, and turn. Get a double cylinder lock on the inside which requires a key.

7. “Do not repeat” signed keys are duplicated all the time. Tell me about the high-security locks and keys that the hardware store can not duplicate.

8. Don’t believe a car dealer who claims he can only repeat the keys. A locksmith who specializes in automotive work will usually make you a key — usually cheaper to use.

9. Lock-outs to divorce is a problem. The soon-to-be-ex wife is going to call and say she’s locked out so I’m bringing her in and changing the locks. The husband then calls with the same demand. I am referring him to a rival.

10. Will one housekeeper need a key? Ask me to key your door to make sure that your master key works on both the dead bolt and the door knob, but only on the knob. She just locks the knob the day she comes in.

11. Try out the door. I went to the rooms, and found them safe. (I will still charge you for a call to the service.) 12. Use the WD-40 or silicone spray if your key won’t turn. Sometimes the pins get jammed up, and that solves the problem by 25 to 40 percent of the time.

13. If you are being locked out, please just call one of us. I arrived at a lock-out more than once to find two trucks of competitors already there. At that point we all agreed to leave the unconsidered victim and give up.

14. Think twice before buying a locked safe at a flea market, property sales or auction. It’ll probably cost you 250 euro or more to open it, and it’s possible that all you’ll find is a mouse poop.

15. Contractors suck when dead bolts are installed. I can’t tell you how many times I go out to rekey or let someone in, and I’m having trouble finding it. This won’t protect you if it’s not installed correctly.

16. For the police many of us do undercover work. We give them keys and at 3 a.m. we get them into rooms. So they can set up monitoring equipment, or set up bugs. It is part of the thrill that we are doing what we are doing.

17. Have your locks still rekeyed when you buy a new house. Otherwise there is probably a master key out there that will be able to open your home easily.

18. You should check your ID before opening anything. Yet half the time someone gets locked out of their car or house, where do you think their ID is?

19. People make the biggest mistakes with their safe: to spin the dial too fast, to try to open it before it is unlocked and to force it to close when there is obviously a problem.

20. I saw my share of dead bodies. When the landlord calls to get into an apartment, it is always a bad sign, and no one has seen the tenant for ten days.

21. If you have to call me twice in a short time span, don’t feel bad. I once locked a guy out of his house three times in a single day.

22. Always say to me, “Don’t worry. It’s an easy lock. “It takes an extra 10 minutes to get it open each time someone says that. It’s death’s kiss.

8 Tips to Running a Successful Locksmith Business

The first of 8 Tips for effective locksmith company allows the business owner to follow common industry practices. Standard business practice can be extended to any service-based company, but is particularly relevant in the locksmith industry because, more often than not, it is the owner-operated industry. By practice, customer satisfaction depends on the consumer being able to expect the service they use to comply with standard operating procedures that represent consistency and, in the case of locksmiths–privacy and trust.

To keep customers and profit from one of the most effective promotional resources (word-of-mouth) productive locksmith business must: be reliable and truthful in terms of prices and quality of service. It is particularly important for the benefit of word-of-mouth customers. Whether there are differences in the pricing of the same commodity or whether one customer is paid a 1⁄2 hour ride and the next door neighbor is not, the word will get out easily.

Available 24 hours for emergency services and maintain normal operating hours during which the customer should call and request a call back within an reasonable amount of time (not longer than two hours or immediately during an emergency). It will pay to provide an answering service as long as the company can absorb the added expense and still keep the income.

Be clear, please. Since locks are a security business, it is important for the customer to know that they can trust the locksmith business they want to use. By displaying the location, name, phone number, e-mail address clearly on the invoice or included in the advertising, the locksmith ensures that its customers and prospective customers are transparent.

Please be punctual. If the appointment is at 2:00 p.m. and the locksmith is running late, contact the client to let them know. Through doing so, the locksmith values the customer and is likely to be forgiven for being too late. No one likes to wait, but organizing and sticking to the schedule by keeping in mind additional time-consuming eating events such as traffic, phone calls, and billing helps counter leaving the client waiting.

Be ready for business by ensuring that the materials needed for work are in stock. Everything is worse than selling a product and then having to buy another one or leaving the customer waiting while thelocksmith re-stocks. Being ready does not mean, of course, that the locksmith has to bring every brand in his van, but having a wide range of barrels and keys, a variety of locks and usable equipment and machines is crucial to a successful locksmith company.

Create an online presence here. Locksmith’s latest and up-to-date websites are the related contents of the existing business cards. The website will include a list of items for the customer to choose from, a few customer testimonials, the current location, hours of service, contact details and a phone number that encourages requests or appointments.
At the end of the day, the locksmith should be a professional who is presentable, has the correct equipment and ensures that the client’s home or company is left as he finds it.
Effective Locksmith Company starts with excellent customer service.

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